What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Commonly referred to as HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhances the body’s natural healing process by delivering oxygen under pressure, which increases the oxygen content in the blood, plasma, cerebral spinal fluid, and other body tissues.


30 mins: $50

45 mins: $60

60 mins: $70

90 mins: $85

Initial Consult: $45

Discount Packages Available

How should I prepare for treatment?

We ask that you remove your shoes, wear comfortable clothing, and avoid wearing any scents/perfume/cologne as other people may be sensitive to them. No sharp objects or incendiary devices (matches, lighters) are allowed in the chamber. Eating prior to your appointment is helpful in maintaining a stable blood sugar during your treatment. Please note that no food or drinks are allowed in the chamber; however, if you have diabetes, we ask you to bring a snack in case your blood sugar drops in the chamber. 

Inital Consult Paperwork

& Review of Systems Survey

*consultation required for all new clients*

How Should I Expect

Mild HBOT to Feel?

You will be lying down inside the chamber, relaxing comfortably in your own clothing, as 
you breath concentrated oxygen (90-95% O2) through a face mask. While inside the chamber you can rest, read, and use your Smartphone or tablet—free WiFi is available—or take a nap. As the chamber is gradually pressurized to 1.3 ATA you maintain contact with our trained staff person, remaining in control at all times. Some people experience temporary ear discomfort while pressurizing or depressurizing the chamber, but it typically resolves after the first few sessions. 

When your session ends and the chamber is gradually depressurized, you will emerge feeling more oxygenated. Some people report feeling more relaxed after a session. Others describe feeling a sense of mental clarity, as HBOT is good for brain fog and is particularly helpful in addressing brain fog related to Lyme, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy.

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