Nutrition Response Testing

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimal health. This is done by testing the body's neurological reflexes. These reflexes let us know how your body is functioning, and if certain organs/ system's are not operating at their optimal level.  Specific individualized care plans are tailored using whole food/ homeopathic supplements to allow your body to do the healing in order for you to feel and function at your absolute best. 

Since adding Nutrition Response Testing to their chiropractic care and/ or hyperbaric oxygen therapy participants who adhere to the program recommendations have seen the following in no particular order, along with many things not listed:

  • Clearing of skin issues

  • Headache and migraine frequency decrease or resolution

  • Weight loss

  • Early glaucoma diagnosis reversed and vision restored to 20/20

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved energy 

  • Improved emotional state

  • Easier menstrual cycles (less emotional, breast tenderness, low back pain, cramping)

  • Chronic debilitating neck and back pain cleared

  • Knee pain handled

  • Cessation of seizures

  • Digestive problems handled

  • Cold sore resolution

What symptoms are slowing you down that you'd like to to heal and be able to contribute to this list? 

Kate Putnam

I received my bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of South Dakota. Upon moving to Atlanta I continued my education with an interest in holistic health. I've been blessed to be apart of the Hands On Wellness team for the past several years and while working with Dr. Miriam we both became certified in Nutrition Response Testing. My passion for helping others along with a desire to learn new, holistic approaches to wellness works wonderfully with Nutrition Response Testing & I'm excited to share it with you!

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