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How We’re Keeping You Safe and Healthy During and Beyond COVID-19

We value all of the patients who visit our Chamblee office and want to instill a sense of relaxation, ease, and comfort when scheduling appointments with us which is why we have implemented the following protocols which are listed below.

Visiting Our Office

We have expanded our hours to be able to accommodate the ever-changing schedules and routines of our patients so everyone can continue regular care. As we all, know chiropractic care, proper nutrition and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are great ways to care for yourself, lower stress, and boost your immune system!

Safety and Care Throughout All We Do

Our office has increased cleaning and hand-washing procedures and can accommodate if you'd like to come in when no one else is there. Please just let us know this preference when scheduling.

Staying Healthy

In addition to the added safety protocols in place, we have stocked up on nutritional supplements that support a healthy functioning immune system in case any of you need to pick some up at your next visit.

We all know that being stressed is not good for our immune system nor any other part of our physical or emotional selves. Please reach out to Dr. Miriam should you have questions or concerns. Proper information can lead to relaxation.

Lastly, be sure to limit your media time (including social media), get outside, pick up a book, call a friend to reconnect, drink water, exercise, and take some time to breathe and destress! Everything Will Be Okay!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Miriam Croft

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