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Macro vs. Micro Trauma - What's The Difference?

Subluxations, or a misalignment of vertebrae, can be caused by various things. Many associate spinal injury with major traumatic events such as car accidents, falling down stairs, or an athletic injury. All of these are considered macrotrauma. Because microtrauma is caused by repetitive actions that occur over time, many overlook the damage that can be done to the spine. These consist of things such as phone usage, long distance driving, assembly line work, or sitting at a computer desk every day for long periods. Chiropractic care can drastically improve both macro and microtrauma. However, majority of subluxations are caused by microtrauma, despite what most believe.

Majority of society does not value spinal health, therefore everyday tasks are the culprit of most subluxations. Getting regular adjustments can not only help prevent future microtraumas, but will help relieve those that already exist. Your everyday activities can be improved because of the increased organ and nerve function in the body. Hands On Wellness focuses on your body holistically, examining your daily activities, overall lifestyle, and regular diet in order to properly care for you and your spine. Call us today with to get started! 770-452-2955

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