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Do you have leaky gut?

What is leaky gut? Hyper-permeability is the name given to a very common disorder in which the cells lining the intestines become "leaky" due to inflammation.

  • Inflammation: Key Triggers for Leaky Gut 1. Inflammation increases space between 'tight junctions' 2. Protein molecules are absorbed before they have a chance to be completely broken down. 3. The immune system starts making antibodies against these larger molecules. 4. Antibodies are made against these proteins derived from previously harmless foods. 5. The immune system becomes hyper-stimulated and over-reactive to substances that are not necessarily supposed to be dangerous. 6. The antibodies created can get into various tissues AND trigger an inflammatory reaction in that tissue when the corresponding food is consumed or the microbe is encountered. 7. Autoantibodies are thus created and inflammation becomes chronic.

  • Chiropractic Care & Leaky Gut Did you know that the cranial (neck) part of your spine is what connects your nerves to your stomach and small intestines, while your lumbar plexus & thoracic area (low back) connects you to your large intestines and colon. Also, the vagus nerve, located in the upper part of the neck, not only helps control depression & anxiety, but increases stomach acidity, digestive juices, and gut flow. Getting adjusted is SO important for your overall health!

  • How Our Functional Medicine Practitioner Can Help Leaky Gut Our Functional Medicine doctor will look at your overall lifestyle, check your blood, look at your hormone levels, and will create the best possible treatment that is customized to YOU and YOUR body. She specializes in gut dysbiosis and will be able to prescribe natural ways to heal you! Give us a call today at 770-452-2955 to schedule your appt!

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