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Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. Hands On Wellness is highlighting the benefits of chiropractic care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. In order to rehabilate fully from most traumatic brain injuries, chiropractic care should be highly considered. Majority of doctors will not emphasize the importance of this for recovery when deciding treatment plans, yet spinal manipulation in a traumatic brain injury is extremely common. If overlooked, the subluxations in the spine that an injury often cause can make improvement of the brain injury much slower. The compression of the upper cervical area of the spine (the neck) disturbs the nerves and blood vessels, especially vertebral arteries. This contributes to the intensity of the head injury. After adjustments, decompression will occur causing dramatic results due to the release of pressure, allowing many symptoms of the head and neck to subside. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will promote the healing of the damaged brain, providing extra oxygen to areas that naturally get very little oxygen. Stimulating new blood vessel growth, hyperbaric oxygen will speed up the healing process intensely. The inflammed areas of the injury will lessen as well. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy combined with regular adjustments will help tremendously, in any case, but should especially be used for brain injuries. If you know anyone who has endured a traumatic brain injury or if you have yourself, call Hands On Wellness to begin treatment by Dr. Miriam!

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