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Self-Love Exercise

Yes, self-love is trending and all over the place. We know. But, so many people aren't really sure what that means - nor have they truly incorporated ways that work best for them into their lifestyle. Your life is customizable. Small things count! It's the "smallest" of things that can actually make the most impact on the quality of your life. Get out your notebook and begin brainstorming now! Here are a few exercises to start with: 1. List 3 pillars that mean most to you in your life. For example, "My Physical Health, My Relationships, My Spirituality".

2. Make 2 columns beneath each pillar. One list will be the things you already do that help sustain those pillars and are working for you. On the other side, list the ways that you think you could improve areas within these pillars. For example: "My Health" - I exercise 3 days a week & drink a green smoothie everyday.

- I should limit sugar and only drink alcohol once per week. This exercise can look however you want it to!

3. Make declarations that uphold your pillars and place them in an area you can see every single day. For instance, "I am a woman/man who's health comes naturally to me" "I am a man/woman who's relationships involve people who support and inspire me, and like to have fun!" Declaring what you want to be aligned in your life is SO powerful. If you don't feel like you are what you declare, remember that you create your own reality. Being reminded of what you want your life to look like will allow those very things to manifest more easily. "Be as though you wish to seem"


Make posters that have your declarations written on them, add decorations, put near your work desk. Set reminders on your phone to alarm you at different times everyday. Also, let someone close to you know about your pillars & declarations so that you can hold yourself accountable with your words (and vice versa). The goal is to help you sort what means most to you in life so that you can design a strategy for a healthier & happier experience each day. You are important and worth the investment. Love yourself to better love others!

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