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Chiropractic Care Aids In Detoxification

After the holidays, you may be feeling groggy, extra tired in the afternoons, or simply not yourself. Maybe you drank too much alcohol, ate too many sweets, stayed up late too many nights in a row, or all of the above. Do not regret your decisions, but instead have mindfulness of the consequences you feel, understanding that your body is a self regulating and self healing system waiting for your collaboration!

In order to restore your levels of energy and regain mental clarity, one must detoxify the organs that have been toxed. There are countless ways to detox. After the holidays, many companies create cleanses in the New Year to help people begin their resolutions. Unlike other forms of detoxification, chiropractic methods do not incorporate the use of herbs, juices or drugs in order to facilitate the cleansing of the body. Chiropractic practice utilizes methods which would be able to restore function and/or health of certain systems, functions, or organs through the integrative manipulation of other parts of the body. This can be achieved through the methods used (as mentioned earlier – exercise, massage, ion balancing, diet, etc.) as naturally as possible.

Chiropractic methods affects the body through manipulation of its soft tissues. In the case of detoxification, the soft tissues are manipulated to naturally increase the bile flow throughout the body, initiating natural detoxification. This then restores how the cells of the body function optimally, leaving the body rejuvenated. The blockages caused by the toxins are removed, and everything returns to normal. Who can benefit from chiropractic detoxification? Every person can benefit from chiropractic methods. Those who wish to feel rejuvenated and make sure that their bodies are always in top shape can reap the positive results of this method. More importantly, people who are experiencing chronic pain from underlying medical or traumatic conditions are proven to benefit most from chiropractic care. Chiropractic care helps you rejuvenate from the inside out. Adding herbs, juices, and a diet dense in fruits and vegetables are also ways to detox.

Try Dr. Miriam's Healing Elixir using this recipe:

  • 2T unfilitered Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's is best)

  • Juice of 1 lemon

  • Honey, ground cayenne pepper, and ginger to taste

  • 2T water or use enough hot water to fill cup and drink like tea

Hands On Wellness will be helping you learn ways to detox throughout the month of January via blog posts and social media. If you haven't chosen at least one way become healthier this year, you can do that now! We wish you wellness in 2016! reference:

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