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Treat The Cause, Not The Symptom

Have you thought that chiropractic care is just for those in pain? Think again.

Treating the symptoms of any issue will provide you with temporary relief. However, this often leads to the same symptoms reoccuring over time or even worsening. Your spine is the keyholder to optimal nerve function and any subluxation (displacement/misalignment) to the spine decreases the healthy function of the part of the body connected to that part of the spine.

The spinal cord has over 100 joints, at least 220 ligaments and over 120 total muscles. Muscles that attach to the spine are used to provide flexibility, movement, and power. The more aligned your spine is, the more efficiently your muscles can fire, producing more strength. Having a strong body alone can lessen your risk of disease/sickness. Taking care of structural problems early in life can help prevent secondary conditions (symptoms) from occurring. When there is no interference, your nervous system controls the healthy function of virtually every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your body leaving your body to do the natural healing that it is always aiming to do on its own.

Dr. Miriam is aware that certain subluxations may not be causing you pain, therefore she uses other forms of discovery to find out the underlying issue, such as muscle testing. Keeping your spine healthy is one of the best forms of preventing disease or sickness, along with eating a nutrient dense diet full of fruits & vegetables.

Your spine is the “Lifeline of Your Body”. It has the responsibility of carrying more than a million electrical nerve messages between your brain and your body every day. For you to digest food, move your arm, wiggle your toes, or perform a burpee, signals have to traverse from your brain to your spinal cord, which is inside your spine. So, no matter what you desire to do, remember the health of your spine and you will inevitably be healthier! Check this chart for what you may be currently experiencing in order to see where it is connected on the spine. Call today to have Dr. Miriam begin helping you on your journey!

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