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Baby It's Cold Outside

In winter, bad weather can strike unexpectedly, causing roads to be iced over and snowy. But staying safe at home doesn’t mean you must give up being physically active.

Here are some ideas to get your heart pumping at home:

Do some lunges. Take a couple laps around the living room – you’ll engage your thigh and buttock muscles.

Try stretching. Stretch your whole body, focusing on legs, then arms, then abdomen and back.

Do pushups and crunches. Do three sets of 10 each while watching a movie or listening to music. Before you know it, you’ll be done!

Climb up and down stairs. Start by climbing one step at a time, then move up to two.

• Enjoy workout videos. Check the Web too; many websites stream workout videos that you can watch for free.

Play holiday charades. Get the whole family involved with a holidaythemed game of charades. Use characters like reindeer (gallop), Santa (riding his sleigh) or elves (working in the toy shop).

Ward Off the Sniffles

Cover a cough or sneeze with a tissue instead of your hand. Remember to throw your tissue away and wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Wash your hands. This is one of the best ways to avoid catching a cold or giving one to someone else.

Drink up! Be sure to stay hydrated; drink plenty of water.

Get some shut-eye. Stay a step ahead of illness by getting plenty of sleep (about eight hours a night).

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