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Meet our Doctor!

I received my Bachelor's degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My Doctor of Chiropractic Degree was earned here in Georgia at Life University. In addition to my Doctorate degree, I specialize in women, children and infants. I also am certified in Webster Technique. I chose to specialize in family wellness care because checking one's nervous system for interference from birth has profound impacts on growth, development and function throughout life. Having seen the benefits of regular chiropractic care within myself and those I serve only reinforces the importance of taking a proactive versus a reactive approach to health. It is my goal to help people attain and maintain optimal function and to support them in meeting their personal health goals.

The intention of HOW chiropractic care is to release subluxations in order to allow better expression of your body’s innate intelligence and, subsequently, promote wellness. We use a technique called Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI). BGI incorporates, not only the spine and nervous system, but also the body’s soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, organs, glands), and energetic system.

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